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2014 Strategy Summit Results:
O&M / GDMI Strategic Plan

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    Our Community-driven vision
      We envision a community-driven support system for O&M/GDMI professionals that delivers a brighter future where:
      • We have enough time, resources, and educational opportunities to provide the quality services that our consumers need, deserve, and expect;
      • We are widely recognized by name and respected for our profession;
      • We have third-party funding within the health care system, sufficient funding within the vocational/rehabilitation/educational systems, and abundant additional sources of funding for our work;
      • The number of qualified O&M and GDMI professionals has increased;
      • University education programs are promoted, supported and funded; and,
      • All O&M/GDMI professionals feel unified, confident, excited, and engaged, and seek to create new opportunities for our profession.

    Goals - over the next five years, we will have:
      1. Increased licensing or credentialing by government or other accrediting entities: O&M/GDMI professionals will have secured support or submitted legislation to obtain licensure/credentialing in at least 3 states.
      2. Increased and expanded funding streams for our work: We will have secured support or submitted legislation to incorporate O&M & GDMI services in Medicare, Medicaid, vocational/rehabilitation, educational, and private healthcare billing.
      3. Increased Recognition: O&M/GDMI Professionals will be valued by related professions, promoted by providers, have strong university programs, and have a solid body of evidenced-based research that, together, elevates validation and increases opportunities to serve.

    Action Plans